Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why VoIP phone Systems?

In a post-global financial crisis era, the business environment has grown much more competitive, bringing new challenges for newly established small and medium sized enterprises. Being in this scenario, it is imperative that businesses do whatever it takes to get that competitive edge, as failure to do so would mean falling out of the race. One such area is in the field of communication through which a business can achieve a competitive edge, particularly with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Good communication internally and externally could spell success or disaster for a growing business.
One tool that entrepreneurs and business people could use to achieve success in their business endeavors in the small business is VoIP phone system. Slowly emerging as the best medium for telecommunications for commercial, personal or business use, VoIP systems could give small businesses that much needed edge to succeed in whatever market they inhabit. That is why more and more businesses, from single proprietorship to medium sized corporations are looking towards VoIP services for their telecommunication needs.
An Overview of Hosted VoIP for Business
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone services is actually a convergence of different forms of telecommunications, which include voice as well as data and video. VoIP goes beyond the capabilities of standard PSTN phones, providing businesses with a wide range of communication capabilities previously only available through expensive PABX phone systems. The result is increased productivity and flexibility for members of the business staff - which will eventually positively impact the bottom line.
Reasons behind the Increase in Demand for Business VoIP
Probably the most common reason why there is a big demand for hosted VoIP solutions is the big impact on operating costs. Telecommunications expenses may be some of the highest costs that businesses incur and the use of hosted phone systems is usually a good and cost-effective alternative that will provide a great deal of savings. VoIP allow phone calls to be made through a high speed internet connection free of charge, giving businesses up to 80 percent in savings from their phone bills.
Unlike large companies that require more complicated telecommunications networks, small and medium enterprises have more straightforward networks making it easy for hosted business phone services to be integrated into existing infrastructures. Transition into a VoIP system is less painful, less costly and creates minimal disruption in an enterprise's daily operations. On top of that, there is no sophisticated equipment needed to set up a small business VoIP system, further lowering down the total cost of ownership and ease of transition.
Finally, hosted VoIP phone systems offer a wide range of features and functions that provide the greatest in flexibility and increased productivity for any enterprise. These features include auto attendants, automatic call distribution, call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, voice to email, and an entire list of other features and functions that provides businesses with a wide variety of choices they can use. Such features are some of the primary reasons why this relatively new technology is in great demand.

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